Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lilly's Mossbrae Story

Mossbrae visit 19/3/10
On Friday my class and I went to Mossbrae rest home. We walked there with our eggs (being very careful). By that time my egg had cracked, but Stacy gave her surgery! When we got there we walked like we were so excited down the hallway, waving to people in their rooms. Once we got to their lounge we sat down smiling away. Mrs Dillon asked if anyone would like to say something about their egg. Jaylah stood up and said something about her egg. We started to sing our songs. At the end we sang John Browns baby and they absolutely loved it! The elderly were smiling so much! Then we went around and showed our eggs! I was telling the residents what had happened to my egg and asked them if they were having a good day. Jaylah and I got left behind so we were racing a lady in a wheel chair! The Mossbrae visit was exciting and a great experience.

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  1. Lilly, I can just picture you all there. It is such an important thing in life to bring laughter and happiness. I bet they will be looking forward to you returning.