Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laura's Kiwi Golf Story

Kiwi Golf

On Monday the 15th March we played golf with Melanie. First she talked about how to hold a golf club. Then she put us in groups of three. We had to hit the big orange ball. Melanie said, when I blow my whistle you hit the ball. I went to stand by the tee and picked up the golf club. Then she blew her whistle and I smacked the ball. It didn’t go very far. Next we had to hit the tennis ball. When it was my turn I hit the ball like a cupcake falling off the table. On my second try I smacked the ball into the air and it whizzed like a rocket. I was as happy as a dog when it goes for walks. The next ball was a rubber golf ball. It was hard to get it to stay on the tee. When it stayed on I picked up the club and put my hands the right way and I smacked the ball into space like a meteor. That day I learnt how to hold the golf club the write way round and how to hit different sized balls.

By Laura

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