Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Acrostic Poem

Art Gallery

At the art gallery John showed us some really old pictures from the Middle Ages. After that we watched an animal movie. Then we painted some animals. I chose the jaguar. I used the colours orange, brown and yellow for its fur. I learned how to do the eyes better and how to flick with the paint brush to make the animal stand out. It was fun. 

Autumn Haiku

Spiny racing leaves.
Yucky crispy autumn leaves.
Tipping falling down.    

Art Gallery Trip

Yesterday we went to the Art Gallery. First John showed us some pictures that were painted a long time ago. One was of Captain Cook and there was a picture of a girl that liked cats and her arms looks like cat’s paws. All the pictures were cool. Then we went upstairs to do our animal portraits.  I did a wolf. First we had to do the eyes and then we had to do leaves and then we had to put on dye.  We had so much fun.  We can't wait for next time.


Fun times in Room 5

I am now in Room 5. It is fun. We do writing and reading and art too. Room 5 is bigger than my old class room. My teacher lives across the road from me.  Look at me doing maths and the prayer table in the class and the class room5. See if you can find me? 

Autumn Haiku

Crunching through the trees

Rustling, swaying, crackling leaves  

Dotty, spotty leaves

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Holiday

In the holidays we got a new boat and we took it to Lake Aviemore. On the first ride, the boats battery broke down and went flat. We were trapped on the boat mostly fishing, but not a bite. Then we saw land and I was being a bit silly and yelled out “Land ahoy”. Then we got to land, the battery was put in and Mum, Dad , India and Cy drove the boat back to port, and pulled the boat in. We switched Gage and I stayed on land. Five minutes later we went back on the boat and had no more breakdowns.                                                                                                             


Jonty name poem...

Haiku Poem

Pretty beautiful leaves

Floating in a big bubble

Having lots of fun

Room 5 Art Gallery Trip

On Thursday we went to the Art Gallery to do some painting of wild animals with John. I did a tabby cat and so did Emma and Sara. We had to do the eyes first, and then we went out from the eyes using a flicking brush stroke to make it look like real fur. We used green yellow black orange brown for the picture. When we were done we put dye on. I used dark blue for my background. It looked great. Then we went back to school.