Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grace's Miniball Story


Last night we had a game of miniball and we were playing Elm grove. I shot the first goal and the parents started cheering. I felt like I was a queen. Then it was the buzzer to remind us that it was quarter time. I had to go out so I was playing with Emma. We were looking out from the highest step and were counting the scores. Then it was the 3rd quarter. I whizzed over to the court. First our team started with the ball but then the other team stole the ball off us so we stole it back. The crowd cheered again. But then I realise that Josh got hurt. Then the game was over.

After that I was hot and bothered and had a huge drink. We went to subway and had it for tea it was so yummy. When I went home I was proud of myself and then did my homework.

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  1. Well done Grace, I remember the feeling of scoring a goal - awesome!