Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Josh's Write up about Choir 2010

2010 Music Festival

On the 17th and 18th of June we had a music festival at Hislop Hall in Mosgiel. We sang just one person, Seasons of love, for good, E hoki mai ra, national anthem, Michael Jackson medley and our own school Abba medley. The first songs we sang were the national anthem and E hoki mai ra.

Then the orchestra played the imperial march. Taieri College then did their own songs. Then we sang for good and seasons of love. I was really nervous and scared. Next it was our medley. I got up and slowly walked onto stage. We started singing. I was so nervous that I nearly wet my pants. We went back on stage and silver stream sang their songs. Then everyone stood up and we sang just one person and the Michael Jackson medley.

For just one person the lights went off and we had one glow stick waving round on stage. At the end there were millions of glow sticks waving on stage. My Mum said it looked amazing. Then we finished off with the last schools doing their medleys. The farewell song was for good. Then we finished.

By Josh

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  1. Josh, what a wonderful recount for the blog. We really appreciate the way you always help out with technicalities. You are very responsible and will be an invaluable support to Mrs D!