Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross Country Challenge 27 - 8 - 10

Today we ran the cross country over at the Rec. It was a hard challenging race. Here are some thoughts about it: I was pooped, puffed and tired - Josh; I enjoyed hearing the people cheering me on - Lilly; I had a sore leg bt I didn't get the stitch - Tom; I felt like was about to faint - Anahera; The hardest part was keeping up the right speed - Jaylah; After the race I felt dizzy - Stacy; I did not know it woulb be this sore - Alex; It was fun and I really enjoyed it - Chanse; You all did so well Room 5 and I was so proud of all your efforts and the way you encouraged each other on too.

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  1. Awesome combined recount room 5. What a great day we had for the cross country. It is so much fun to see you all challenging yourselves. Well done on another great blog post Mrs D.