Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We finally reached the Promised Land!

cool to see water come out of the rock" Reuben
"I liked meeting the people who made the cookies. Thank you Mrs Gorinski and Mrs Fitzgerald" Will
"The Promised Land was awesome" James

We are on our journey with Moses.

WE had to cross the Red Sea and travel through the desert. It took a long time and we were was hot and thirsty.
"I was thirsty" Akayla
"It felt awesome" Kayla
"When are we going to get some food?" Dylan
"The manna was delicious" Laura
"It tasted like Shapes"Jonty
"The manna looked like hexagons" Thomas
"I liked the cookies" Aidan
"It made me think what it was like to be an Israelite" Sara

The Great Escape 2012!

Today during RE time, Year 4 went on an exodus journey with "Moses" to see how it felt to be an Israelite back in the time of Moses and journeying for 40 years through the desert to the land that God promised to His people. After many stops along the way we reached the land of milk and honey!