Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Room 5 Assembly 3/9/10

What a cool assembly Room 5. I was so proud of you all and the hard work you put into presenting your work so it was clear to hear and understand. Didn't our little buddies enjoy our fairytale plays! They were watching very closely and really enjoyed the funny parts. Here are a few of our assembly photos.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taieri Beach Pics!

The Big Day At Taieri Beach!!!!

Yesterday we had the Taieri Schools cross country at Taieri Beach. It was tiring -Tyrin. It was exhausting - Lilly. It was great to sprint across the finish line - Max. It was a challenging experience - Michaela. It felt like I was going to collapse - Tom. I felt very proud at the end - Lewis D. It was torture - Jaylah. I felt like my head was going to pop like an overheating popcorn machine - Chanse. It was a very difficult track - Jayden. I was puffed at the end - Jack. My legs were working like a motor - Alex. The sand felt like quicksand - Will. I had butterflies leaping about in my tummy - Anahera. It was painful running up the hills - Lewis M. My legs were very sore at the end - Mitchell. I had the stitch at the end - Laura. It was really muddy - Cecilia. I was scared at the start - Gage. The crowd were screaming and cheering us on - Grace. I had a really sore dry throat from all the running - Brendan. Some of the hills were really steep and it was hard to get up them - Stacy. It was a mystery to the end because it was such a big course - Connor. I ran through a muddy puddle and my shoes got soaked - Jorja. It was great exercise - Lachlan. I had to miss it as I was sick - Braedy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Visit To Mossbrae 28 - 8 - 10

Room 5 Visits Mossbrae 28 - 8 - 10

Last Thursday we visited our friends at Mossbrae by singing some songs, chatting and generally brightening up each others day. The children just love going there and they get such a great welcome that they do all sorts of amazing things like making up dances, performing magic tricks, playing the guitar and sharing some of their school work. It is a special time. here are a few pics of our latest visit.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross Country Pics!

Cross Country Challenge 27 - 8 - 10

Today we ran the cross country over at the Rec. It was a hard challenging race. Here are some thoughts about it: I was pooped, puffed and tired - Josh; I enjoyed hearing the people cheering me on - Lilly; I had a sore leg bt I didn't get the stitch - Tom; I felt like was about to faint - Anahera; The hardest part was keeping up the right speed - Jaylah; After the race I felt dizzy - Stacy; I did not know it woulb be this sore - Alex; It was fun and I really enjoyed it - Chanse; You all did so well Room 5 and I was so proud of all your efforts and the way you encouraged each other on too.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Watching the Ploughing Competitions


Last Friday we went to see the ploughing. The field was really muddy and it stunk really badly. It was very interesting to watch the tractors go in a straight line. We had to stand behind a line to make sure when the tractors turned around they wouldn’t hit us or hurt us. We walked around and looked at different types of tractors from long ago. We also saw some Clydesdale horses ploughing too. They are awesome horses with huge shaggy feet that look like they have furry boots on! The day was warm and sunny and a nice way of getting out of schoolwork!!

Cycle Safety

Cycle Safety By Lilly
On Wednesday Mr Somerfield came and we did a cycle test around the school courts. There were mini traffic lights, hazards and give way signs. First we rode around the cones in a big line and then Mr Somerfield put the traffic lights on. We had to stop the mini give way sign because that is the rule when you bike on the road. We had to go round the road and put our hands out to indicate round the corner. The hardest bit was when we had to see how slowly we could ride our bikes without wobbling or loosing control. It was fun.

Lewis created a magazine cover...

Special Visitors to Room 5

Thank you Mrs Fitsgerald and Mrs Gorinski for coming in to talk to us about when you were anointed.

Chanse created his own ID Card - clever Chanse

Coin Trail 2010

Gage's creations...

Blogging with Room 5.....

Today we are at the computer suite. We are experimenting with different websites to learn how to use them and think about how we could use them for our homework presentations. So far my favourite is the tag galaxy!

Cycle safety day