Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Big Day At Taieri Beach!!!!

Yesterday we had the Taieri Schools cross country at Taieri Beach. It was tiring -Tyrin. It was exhausting - Lilly. It was great to sprint across the finish line - Max. It was a challenging experience - Michaela. It felt like I was going to collapse - Tom. I felt very proud at the end - Lewis D. It was torture - Jaylah. I felt like my head was going to pop like an overheating popcorn machine - Chanse. It was a very difficult track - Jayden. I was puffed at the end - Jack. My legs were working like a motor - Alex. The sand felt like quicksand - Will. I had butterflies leaping about in my tummy - Anahera. It was painful running up the hills - Lewis M. My legs were very sore at the end - Mitchell. I had the stitch at the end - Laura. It was really muddy - Cecilia. I was scared at the start - Gage. The crowd were screaming and cheering us on - Grace. I had a really sore dry throat from all the running - Brendan. Some of the hills were really steep and it was hard to get up them - Stacy. It was a mystery to the end because it was such a big course - Connor. I ran through a muddy puddle and my shoes got soaked - Jorja. It was great exercise - Lachlan. I had to miss it as I was sick - Braedy.


  1. Well done Room 5. I loved watching you all finish. I tried to get photos of you all. You all ran sooooo well. Great collaborative story. Well done!